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Sic bo was first played hundreds of years ago in Ancient China, and it delivers as much excitement as ever today. The recognized and legal online casinos in New Jersey that are reviewed on our site have found it to be a popular favorite and once you have tried it for yourself it will be easy to see why. The simple rules and complicated possible outcomes mean it is easy to play but very difficult to stop! The best way for you to learn the game basics and all its fascinating details is to play at the online New Jersey casinos that we recommend here. To get you started, we have outlined the game’s general points here.

Most casino dice games use two dice, but in Sic bo three are used. This poses more risks to players, but correspondingly also offers more reward. A vibrating platform called a Dice Shaker is used to roll the dice in offline games, and this is simulated beautifully with Random Number Generation in the online casinos of New Jersey. Players get to place real money casino bets on how the dice will fall before they are rolled. There are fifty possible outcomes, and keeping track of the configurations can get pretty confusing. Luckily the specially-designed game table has them all displayed which is very helpful!

The excitement and enjoyment of online Sic bo lies in its thrilling elements of chance – there is nothing like placing your bet and waiting to see how the dice land. This is completely random, so tactics and strategy are more to do with how you choose to wager. There are several different types of bet, each with different risks and rewards. You can choose based on how lucky you feel and how much risk you want to take. The wagering options are outlined below.

  • Three of a kind: the same pre-specified number appears on each die. Winning odds are an unlikely 1 out of 216 so the house edge is huge, but so is the payout – 150 to 1
  • Any three of a kind: any one number id rolled on all three dice. This is six times more likely than Three of a kind, but still extremely rare
  • Two of a kind: the same number appears on two dice, yielding an 8:1 payout and a 5.82% chance of winning
  • Duo: two different pre-specified numbers occur on two of the dice
  • One of a kind: a pre-specified number is rolled one die
  • Big and Small: the game’s title means Small Big, and is probably due to the areas on the payout table that are named Big and Small and pay out even money. In these bets players wager on the dice total being a certain number. In the Small area this number is between four and ten and in the Big area it falls between eleven and seventeen. Three of a kind is always ignored, and the six and nine and twelve and fifteen Hardways in the Small and Big areas respectively are also left out
  • You can wager on the dice total falling between four and seventeen, and these payouts are displayed on the game’s table
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With exciting betting choices and elements of chance, this is the ultimate game for thinking adrenalin junkies. If you are ready to join the throngs of enthusiasts in the online casinos of New Jersey, our reviews are ready and waiting for you!