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Play your lucky numbers watch the dice roll, and find out if you’re a winner when you play Craps at the top online casinos! These legal sites for players aged 21 and older in New Jersey, offer exciting online versions of this awesome game! Play craps for free by accessing the games in your PC or laptop browser, or download and install the software, open and fund a player account with US Dollars, and see if those dice rolls bring you riches!

These casinos use Random Number Generator programs to produce results, so you’re assured of fair play and a real chance to win prizes.

Craps is a game in which you place a bet and then guess the outcome of rolls of six-sided dice. In land-based casinos, it’s played at a large table with specific betting areas; the payouts determined by the placement of chips on the table. The versions of the game found at these great NJ online casinos have kept the same basic playing format, so if you’re familiar with the game from land-based casinos, you should be quite comfortable with the online version. You can place bets on the outcome of one roll or on the outcomes of a series of rolls of two dice. When the dice have been rolled, the results will be added up to produce the score of the roll.

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NJ Online Craps

Depending on the bets placed, the numbers on the individual dice can be important. One example of this is a nine comprised of a six and a three, and a nine comprised of a four and a five. There are a number of different bets you could place in the game. Some of these are Any Craps, Any Seven, Don’t Pass Bar, Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come, Big Six, Big Eight, Field Bet, Buy Bet, Hardway Bet, Lay Bet, and Place Bet to Lose. Of these, the most basic is the Pass Line bet. This is placed at the beginning of a round, and if the first roll results in a seven or 11 at even money, you’ll win!

If the dice produce a two, three, or 12, you’ll lose, and if any other number is rolled, that number becomes the Point. You then need to roll the Point a second time, before a seven is rolled, for the Pass Line bet to pay out at even money.

Pass Line bets can be backed up with more money once the Point has been determined. Known as Taking the Odds, this bet pays out at different odds, dependent on the Point.

Many Craps players at these online casinos bet between three and five times their Pass Line bets when they take the odds. A Point of four or 10 offers a two-to-one payout; a Point of five or nine offers a three-to-two payout; and a Point of six or eight offers a six-to-five payout.

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If you’d like to put your luck to the test and play Craps with real money at these legal New Jersey online casinos, there are a number of options you could use to fund your account.

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